Our Vision and Purpose
Collins St. was inspired for all of the rad unique women, who can’t wait to find the next fabulous printed dress to pair with their killer leather jacket. You certainly don’t want everyone and their neighbour having the same piece and you are eager to find unique brands who cater to the even more unique woman – you!
Our modern, bohemian driven culture is strongly influenced by Australian, LA and NY Designers. Their designs are carefree and easy to wear, allowing you to incorporate the pieces into your daily life with ease and of course, insane beauty. We strive on quality and fit over quantity. Whether it be a stunning print or an unreal cut, we are constantly on the search and we won’t stop until we get our hands on it.
Let’s face it – life’s too short to be boring and people are going to stare – so let’s give them something they can’t take their eyes off of!
xx collins st.
Our Story
Collins St. is based out of Calgary, AB and was created through the insane passion of Nicole. Since she could speak, Nicole made sure she was heard on what she was going to wear, and what she thought others should wear! 
Nicole attended John Casablancas Institute (JCI) where she studied Fashion Business and Marketing in beautiful Vancouver, BC. Soon after she finished her studies, Nicole started working as a Sales Representative in the fashion industry. At the early onset of her career, she travelled across North America and attended many major trade shows. Although she was grateful for working in the industry and excelled at helping buyers find those must-have pieces, she always knew that one day she wanted to be the one placing the orders.
Craving some life changes, Nicole found herself in Calgary. She worked a few years in retail and then downtown in corporate positions, constantly knowing something was missing and she wasn’t where she was meant to be.
After a trip to Europe, Nicole found herself passing along all the designers she wore and had posted on social media to both her followers and amigos and it then clicked  why was she sending all these amazing women to different companies to shop when they could be shopping with her?
This finally led Nicole to chase her dreams and do what her heart really craves: to help women feel great about themselves by finding unique, beautiful pieces that bring pure joy, one outfit at a time!